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The History of the Lynx Motor Company

The Lynx Motor Company was founded in 1968 by engineer Guy Black and architect Roger Ludgate. The company established itself as a specialist in the repair, maintenance, converting and preparation of sports and racing cars.
Jaguars have provided most of the work, but there have been other marques

Following the Lynx 53 D-type and 9 XKSS, the company builds 5 Lynx C-type.



The Lynx C-type and D-type
During the Company's involvement with a number of factory Jaguar C- and D-types, Lynx's skills were applied to develop an alternative to the famous Le Mans-winning D-type. The result was the Lynx D-type, launched at the London Racing Car Show in 1974. The car was fabricated entirely in aluminum and was powered by Jaguar mechanicals. The car was an instant success and a total of 53 Lynx D-types have been constructed, including 9 in XKSS form.


Lynx converted 16 XJC into convertibles


The Lynx XJC convertible
The Lynx XJC conversion came about when one of their customers without success tried to get conversion specialists to do it. There were various difficulties in such a convention because the Jaguar uses fender tanks and there is no room for power struts in the fender. Lynx solved this problem by developing miniature electric motors mounted on the hood frame.


Other Lynx Jaguars
Other models of Jaguars that have benefited from the Lynx treatment include the 1975 XJS coupes, which was initially modified to a convertible in 1976, called the Lynx Spyder,
In 1983, Lynx designed and built their estate version of the XJS model, the Lynx Eventer, with a total run of 67 cars.

Lynx have converted the Jaguar XJS into a convertible version named Lynx Spider (at that time Jaguar only offered a coupe version of the XJS) and a beautiful estate version named Lynx Eventer.




Lynx Lightweight E-type
Lynx has always been closely associated with the Jaguar E-type. Competition has always been at the heart of engineering development at Lynx and following its rebuild in 1982 of the Jaguar factory Lightweight E-type Lynx decided to hand-build 5 Lynx Lightweight E-type.



The unique Ecurie Ecosse Transporter from 1959 with a D-type on top

Many awards
Lynx has also developed a variety of historic sports and racing cars including the restoration projects of the1959 Ecurie Ecosse Team Transporter. In 1992, Lynx acquired the vehicle on behalf of a client and began a meticulous sympathetic restoration retaining the vehicle's original appearance and specification. The vehicle was designed to carry the Team’s racing cars to events and was one of the first custom-built racing car transporters.
By the way: Corgi made a model of it in the late 1960’s and sold over 180,000 examples!

Lynx competes at historic race meetings and has won many awards at the highest levels.

Lynx also continues to specialise in performance upgrades for modern high performance sports cars like Aston Martin, Porsche and Ferrari.

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Visit: www.lynxmotors.co.uk